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Mint REGARDLESS Tokens on the ZENIQ Blockchain

How to join  and buy Regardless Minting Hub- Step by Step Guide

Step 1 : Click the below given button to register.

Step 2: After registration go to your Email and Confirm Safir email

Step 3: After Confirmations Login with your details

Step 4: After Login Click SHOP to choose a package

When you log in to your Safir account, click on the SHOP tab then PRODUCTS, scroll down There are 3 categories of Regardless Hub:

  1. Regardless Minting Add-On Presale (98.9075% Minting Power) from 998.00 EURO
  2. Regardless Minting Shares Presale (98.9075% Minting Power) from 100.00 EURO
  3. Regardless Minting Node Presale (98.9075% Minting Power) from 1298.00 EURO

To make a purchase, you need to have funds in your Safir wallet. You can fund your wallet in many ways (BALANCE >> Deposit Crypto):

  • Crypto: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Eurocoin, Litecoin

Deposit SEPA – Deposits using SEPA are only available for SEPA bank accounts with your IBAN

Once you have the funds, go back to SHOP >> PRODUCTS to buy the Hub of your choice.

Your Hub bought now is a masternode and will mint coins for several years, gradually decreasing according to the smooth time halving and smooth sales halving. So it’s worth buying Hub as soon as possible.



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