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DESERT PEARL token minting

How to join  and buy Desert Pearl Token Minting Hub- Step by Step Guide

Step 1 : Click the below given button to register.

Step 2: After registration go to your Email and Confirm Safir email

Step 3: After Confirmations Login with your details

Step 4: After Login Click SHOP to choose a package

When you log in to your Safir account, click on the SHOP tab then PRODUCTS, scroll down There are 3 categories of Desert Pearl Minting Hub:

  1. Desert Pearl Minting Add-On Special-Presale (110% Minting Power)
  2. Desert Pearl Minting Shares Special-Presale (110% Minting Power)
  3. Desert Pearl Minting Node Special-Presale (110% Minting Power)

To make a purchase, you need to have funds in your Safir wallet. You can fund your wallet in many ways (BALANCE >> Deposit Crypto):

  • Crypto: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Eurocoin, Litecoin

Deposit SEPA – Deposits using SEPA are only available for SEPA bank accounts with your IBAN

Once you have the funds, go back to SHOP >> PRODUCTS to buy the Hub of your choice.

Your Hub bought now is a masternode and will mint coins for several years, gradually decreasing according to the smooth time halving and smooth sales halving. So it’s worth buying Hub as soon as possible.


The token's value can increase over time, similar to real estate projects. Dubai plans to sell apartments to major investors around 2023/2024, potentially increasing the token's value. The strategy involves having large investors buy 50% of the market, which raises the token's price.

Does this mean the token will triple in value? The calculation is based on a total project cost of 10 billion dollars, and historical data suggests such projects increase values by a factor of 7.

In summary: The token's value is backed by the project itself, making it asset-backed. However, while a guarantee isn't possible, historically, such tokens tend to maintain or increase in value.

The token represents an exceptional avenue for safeguarding against inflation, as it stands as an asset-backed token poised for remarkable growth within Dubai's thriving real estate sector. Dubai's pioneering role in the realm of tokenization contributes to rendering such endeavors more inclusive for a wider audience. Notably, the historical trend indicates a substantial 7 times appreciation in property value compared to construction costs in Dubai over a span of 5 years.

By embracing this token, individuals have the opportunity to not only shield themselves from the adverse impacts of inflation but also to potentially enjoy secure and robust returns. This novel approach aligns with the vision of reaping rewards rather than succumbing to considerable losses that often accompany inflationary pressures.

Not completely. Following the joint release event of Safir alongside key Dubai representatives, His Highness Sheikh Manaa Bin Hasher Al Maktoum has ordered a few additions and modifications that are currently being incorporated.

The Desert Pearl represents one of Dubai's most ambitious projects to date. And like a luxury sports car, this project embodies quality and excellence. This illustrates why participation doesn't come at a bargain. If owning a complete masternode is beyond your budget, you are still in luck. There is the option to purchase shares.

When purchasing an apartment, 50% of the price must be paid in tokens. This continual demand for tokens in the market is expected to contribute to a strong upward movement in the token's price.

For instance, if an apartment is sold for an average of €15'000'000 - about triple its construction cost - this means the buyer must acquire €7'500'000 (50%) worth of tokens on the market for one apartment.

With approximately 1600 apartments available, a very substantial influx of liquidity can be anticipated in the markets.

The value of the token cannot drop to zero, as is the case with other projects. It is asset-backed by the project itself.

The key distinction that makes this attractive to affluent individuals is that while a regular token could potentially plummet to zero, an asset-backed token will always maintain a value equivalent to the total worth of the real estate divided by the number of tokens.

Historical data from Dubai indicates a consistent sevenfold increase between construction costs and the property's value after five years. For instance, if the token begins at a value of $1, a sevenfold surge would elevate it to $7. Nevertheless, market conditions possess the potential to propel the token's value even further, surpassing this historical benchmark.



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