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Fresh Registration with XERA.PRO

Your basic informations and asset in has been migrated to, and you will just need to follow these simple steps to access it:

How to Logging to XERA!

First log in to your SAFIR Backoffice

Then select the XERA section in the left menu bar. There, you will find your XERA credentials:

  • XERA Username
  • XERA Email

For your first log in to XERA

Click Join Us


Click Sign in with 2access


For first log in please select the Forgot Password? option:


Enter your e-mail address:


Confirmation of sending an e-mail with password reset instructions:


Follow the process to reset your password from the email you receive (may take some time).

The password can not be too similar to the email.

The password can not be too similar to the username


Using your new password, log in with:


This will generate a One-Time Password (OTP), which will be sent to you via email.


Account Type

Select which type of account you want to have.


Personal Account
Choose this account type related to natural persons, if you are registering as such.

Company Account
Choose this type of company-related account, if you are registering as such.

Accept Terms & Conditions

Change OTP method to Google

2FA – 2 factor authentication

  1. Download and install “Google Authenticator” app from your mobile device’s app store. CCH: I recommend  Authy (Twilio Authy Authenticator) or  OneAuth (Authenticator App – OneAuth [ZOHO])
  2. Set up a new account using the QR Code or by copying the auth key below (Google Auth Key). CCH: I strongly recommend to copy Google Auth Key and save in a safe place.
  3. Verify the configuration by entering the code that “Google Authenticator” provides.

In future when you login, you must put user name (or e-mail address), password and in next step 6-digit code from Authentication app.

Enroll Now

Register to our super platform, i.e. select which services you want to have access to. Will be more and more platforms in XERA ecosystem. You can do this later (Skip and Continue) in Dashboard of 2access.


Update your country

We would like to inform you that there are currently no matches associated with the country in your profile. To ensure that we provide you with the best experience and relevant information, please take a moment to update your profile, select a country and save this information in your profile.



Once you have access to the new and exiting XERA page, you will also have access to the KMINTINGS page


Click on KMINTING From there, you will find any Minting devices you had previously purchased, as well as their corresponding minted coins/token! Moving forward, you will be able to continue managing your minting assets from this page, including transferring your coins/tokens.

Fresh Registration with XERA.PRO